Posted by: jawsome | February 27, 2012

Week 1 for 30 on my 30th complete!

Week One was a success (nevermind the fact that 3 of the 7 days were rest days recovering from Hagg Lake…)

It feels good to be running regularly again, to have a training plan, and a cool goal.

For some reason I have a fear of tempo runs. Specifically I have a fear of tempo runs on the treadmill. I didn’t have a choice this week, so the first tempo run was treadmill-tastic – 800m warmup, 4 miles at tempo pace (9:30 because I’ve gotten S-L-O-W [plus I’m training for a 30 mile run here folks, let’s be serious about how fast that is actually going to be]) The only thing I have to say about the tempo workout is that it got done. Ugh. Next week I’ve got to move it outside.

The highlight of the week was the 13 mile long run – Matt and I did it together, and ran up Lief Ericsson. What a break to be able to run 13 miles straight without having to stop for traffic, walk up hills, or put my shoes back on after having them sucked off in mud! Matt suffered most of course, because I made him run my LR pace (I hesitate to even write down what it is on here). Finished up in 2:19 – which is funny because that’s only 10 minutes off my first 13.1 RACE. Training, how does it work?

Today is my first gym workout of the plan, Squats, push-ups and deadlifts. I’m going to be establishing working weights, then go from there on a 3×5 plan. I’ll wait til the gym clears out around 8 so as not to scare the students 🙂

Friends coming to town this weekend so I get to practice shuffling the schedule all around to fit everything in. Good news is I get to run my 15 miler this week on some sweet new terrain – Bend, OR here I come!



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