Posted by: jawsome | April 12, 2012

So yeah

You know how I said before that I really like training plans? Well, that’s still true. What also appears to be true is that after my first marathon I seem completely incapable of actually following one.

“What’s that? 6 mile tempo run on the schedule? YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!”

And so it goes. Here we are again, on the verge of another valiant distance effort with pretty much just the bare minimum of training that will allow me to not completely maim myself. Why, Joselyne, why do we keep doing this? BECAUSE YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!

I am apparently my own worst enemy. Oh well, don’t worry, folks, (wow that was a lot of unnecessary commas) I have still been very active. What?! Picking up 50lb bags of soil and digging rocks out of clay does so count as exercise! Plus my garden is now totally fab.

I’ve done all my required long runs, and believe me they have been long. Don’t get me wrong, I like my own company – but after five hours I’ve had enough of even my own witty banter. Hard to believe but true.

So here’s the deal – I was supposed to do this 30 mile run in celebration of my 30th birthday (which is May 7th BTW even though I was planning on doing the run on the 6th – just in case you want to send me presents). Well I’m not sure I can tolerate more than one more 22+ mile run by myself. I’m sort of tapped out here. Plus, the wildflowers are amazing right now and Saturday is supposed to have glorious sunny weather (a rarity in these parts apparently). So I’m gonna go ahead and just run this thing. In two days. The day after tomorrow. Holy Sh*t. It will be my run to celebrate my not-quite 30 yet but almost in 3 weeks birthday. That should fit on a race bib, right? I’ll just say the time delay is due to it being a leap year. Yeah. Plus, if I DNF for some reason I can always come back here, delete this post, and proceed on the 6th as planned*

So I’m running 30 miles on Saturday. Pictures and bitching to follow!

*This will never happen. Once I get started with something I’m going to finish it if it means pulling myself through Washington Park on my fingertips.


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