Posted by: jawsome | May 31, 2009

State Street Mile

Whew! That was over in a flash. The funny thing about the mile distance is that it’s not something you see a lot of. How often do people run 1 mile races? The last time I ran a 1 mile race was…never. Even in High School I ran the open 400 and the 300m hurdles. So I had NO idea what kind of time to expect in this race, as well as no idea how to pace myself. Still, I thought, I’ve been doing some speedwork, I should be able to run a 7 something mile.

I got up early this morning (not happy) and made my way down – thinking that there would be hordes of people. I don’t know what weird feeling made me think, “oh, a mile race! Everyone will be there because everyone can run a mile!” I thought there would be at least 1000 people there. So I got there way early to snag a parking spot. Yep, just me and the race day volunteers. Those other 1000 people should be showing up any time. Any time now. Ok, so there are some people – oh they must be elites, they have singlets and fancy racing flats. Ok, so those people in the fancy outfits and me. That’s who’s here. Maybe this was a mistake…

I line up for age group 20-29. There are only like 12 people. 6 women. One jokes, “well,  better chance we’ll get to place higher!” I quip, “or better chance we’ll come in last…” oooh downer.

The gun goes off and I am not kidding they leapt out like bats out of hell. I looked at my watch and the pace for the first 1/4 mile was 5:34. OMG. I don’t really know how fast I am, but I DO know that I’m not 5:34 fast. Slooooow it down a little there, killer. Too bad I was still in the back (only one girl behind me). “How am I running a 6 minute mile and there’s only one person behind me?!?” Ok, whatever. I’m racing myself, not these other people. I did manage to pass a couple more ladies before the finish line.

I crossed the line in 6:43 (or something, Garmie was not liking the mist). Under normal circumstances I would have been perfectly happy with this time. The fastest mile I ran in P.E. was 6:15, and that was at the height of my youth and track fitness. So I’ll take a 6:43 (or something). The the guy at the end of the chute hands me a plaque. 3rd place! I have never had such mixed emotions in my life. “Third place! Woot! In a running race! Awesome!” Quickly followed by “Um, but there were only 6 women. Total.” So…kind of a weird victory.

Whatever. I’ll take it.



  1. I would love to run a one-mile race, although I would also have no idea how to pace myself.

    That is SERIOUSLY speedy – congrats!!

  2. That is TOTALLY fast! My fastest mile ever has been 8:19, so I’m impressed! Of course, I never did track, instead I avoided running like the plague in high school (I was a swimmer :P)

  3. awesome! and yes, that is really fast! my fastest mile was like 9:30!

  4. Hells yeah! A plaque is a plaque. Nice job.

  5. And I do believe you must be holding back on the distance races, if you can go that fast. 🙂

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