Posted by: jawsome | February 21, 2012

Nothing says optimism like an empty spreadsheet

Does anyone else like making training plans or am I just weird? Don’t answer that.

After the race this weekend, I’m pumped for 30 on my 30th. I’ve been working messing around with my training plan all afternoon.  So much goes into making a training plan – peak weeks, ideal paces, weekly mileage, planning around work and vacation, trying to control the raging hungerbeast inside me…

I was Googling around looking at tempo paces (oh god, the dreaded tempo run…if I accomplish nothing else this training cycle I WILL conquer the tempo run) and had a typically hilarious Google experience: as I’m typing “ideal length of tempo runs” Google sagely asks, “did you mean ideal length of a nap?” Oh Google, I love you.

I’m planning on incorporating weightlifting into my regimen this time – I have a handy (free!) gym at work and I really liked the feeling of strength crossfit gave me. I have it pretty simple, Mondays are “Weights A” and Wednesdays are “Weights B.” A is squats, push-ups and power cleans, and B is squats, overhead press, and dead-lifts. Also featured in this training plan are Yasso 800’s (BARF!), tempo runs (double barf) and the traditional Long Run (which is why I run in the first place why can’t all my working out be just running along at a nice slow pace foreverandeverandever oh yeah because that takes a lot of time I don’t have and I’m tired of being so slow)

Still a little tweaky from Sunday but overall feeling pretty good.

Happy Running!



  1. I don’t know if I love making training plans, but I do enjoy doing so while I am supposed to be working! I was playing around with a couple plans today, seeing how all the the FCTR group runs fit in.

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