Posted by: jawsome | February 13, 2012

Mojo, where did you go? There you are…

…right here in my blog!

Hey everyone, how’s it shaking? I can’t believe I’ve been running for three years now. Holy cow. Not a lot to show for it in terms of time improvements, but man have I had some great running and racing adventures. I went from starting out and building up speed in glorious and year-round-running friendly Santa Barbara, to finding awesome insane running friends and adventures in Fort Collins, to losing, gaining, losing and hopefully gaining again my direction in Portland. Three wonderfully different places, three different parts of my life.

Welcome to part three. Matt and I finally moved out of our stinky apartment! We bought a lovely townhouse in Portland less than one mile from the scenic and extensive trails of forest park. Work and home have been taking up a lot of my time – have you ever tried to paint a bathroom yourself? I think my fingernails are permanently blue. As well as certain other parts of the bathroom that probably should not be…

I’ve been working and and doing crossfit, but I’ve been feeling funky. Matt and I signed up for (and are running in less than a week!) the Hagg Lake 25k. Having a race to train for usually perks me up, but getting into a routine has been unusually hard. Suffice it to say, I’m doing this 16 mile race on Sunday with probably the minimum training required to not injure or permanently embarrass myself (that last part takes a lot of doing, after all).

I’ve found myself just feeling sort of “meh” about my running lately – and I refuse to blame it completely on the incessant gray skies and freezing drizzle. I had to quit the crossfit due to budget constraints (and let’s face it – I’m a runner at heart). I have been keeping up with my strength training at the gym on campus (woot, private university that allows staff to work out at the gym for free!) I think I’ve been letting life stress and poor health choices erode some of my inner jawsomeness. Well. Let’s not have any more of that!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: running is mental. Like I tell my therapy clients, often the thing that’s getting in the way the most is our own damn selves. So, this is me getting the hell over myself. Seriously. Sometimes you try things and they don’t work, so you try again differently and it still doesn’t work, and you give up. Until you realize that really all those attempts were just weak-ass excuses for being lame. How do we stop lameness? Stop being lame. Simple. 🙂

I thought back to what I love about running: competition over short* distances, and long relaxing adventures over crazy distances. I remembered back to my first real race – the Santa Barbara Half Marathon. Oh, back to those halcyon days when I felt like I needed a week off after running 13 miles. I’ve been doing a lot of trail running, which is wonderful in its own way – but maybe I want to get back on the road for a bit – switch things up. I’ve never really pushed myself in a training plan for a time goal – both the half and full marathons were “just to finish.” I think I need a little extra motivation these days. So. I just signed up for the Wine Country Half Marathon in Oregon on September 2nd. Sure, it’s a little premature to get excited, but the training starts in earnest in June. You have been warned.

Hagg lake mud trail run race report to follow shortly…assuming I don’t drown in a bog.

Oh. And I’m running 30 miles for my 30th birthday in May.  🙂

*short may or may not refer to distances that are objectively short.



  1. Please don’t drown in a bog. That is all.

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