Posted by: jawsome | September 2, 2011

When life happens…

…this blog doesn’t.  Things have been going well around casa de Jawsome. The stinky carpet still stinks, but I’m getting used to it. Okay that’s a lie – I cannot wait to move out of this apartment. Matt and I have been looking at homes to buy, but it’s a bit tricky considering I work way out in the middle of nowhere. This is fine as long as I can find a place that is at least somewhat close to public transportation. My wallet cries inconsolably at the thought of driving an hour plus each way.

As for working out, I’ve been doing that a lot. In fact I have a confession. Sorry, runners – I’ve gone over the to dark side. No, not triathlon training – remember what I said about about the sensitive wallet – no, I’ve started crossfit. Yes, I’m drinking the Koolaid. Tastes pretty good too. It all began because of that pesky stress fracture in my foot (which still nags occasionally). I needed to do SOMETHING, and clearly, as my “scars on every limb” body will tell you, cycling is not for me.

I started working out with Beaverton Crossfit. Now I get to reach puke threshold EVERY DAY, instead of just during races. Isn’t that AWESOME? I really like it – it combines my love of intensity with finally teaching me how to do a freaking pull-up (not there yet, but SOON!).

I haven’t given up on running completely – in fact, Matt and I just ran a race on Wednesday. Let’s see, in the past 10 weeks I have run approximately 3 times for a grand total of 13 miles. So I decided I would run a 10k. You know, just for funsies. It was ugly, as I’m sure you can imagine, but I did it. This is part of the forest park trail series, so I’ve got something like 5 more races coming up in the next two weeks. My plan for now is to stick to crossfit 4 days a week, and run twice. We’ll see how that goes.




  1. We miss you in the Fort! You should sign up for the Red Hot in Moab, registration opens 9/15 I think, it sounds like all of FCTR is going to run it again. That would get you running again 😉
    Cheers, Slush

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