Posted by: jawsome | May 18, 2011

On flexibility and how NOT to train for an ultra…

Where have I been? Man, I don’t even know. The last month has been a ridiculous rollercoaster of travel, interviews, family crises, family not-so-crises (wedding. birthday, mother’s day), house hunting, job hunting, getting sick…

You will note there is no mention of running…and I’m supposed to run Bighorn in a few weeks? Hmm, seems like a bad plan as my last double digit run was the horsetooth half LAST MONTH.

The good news: everything worked out. I got a job (wheee!!!) in Portland and the travel is done for a while (until the move, anyway!). So now I have more time to get back to reality and running! I’ve updated my training plan to try to accomodate the OTHER 50k I signed up for this summer (North Fork on July 16th). If I don’t miss a single long run between now and then, I think I can complete the distance successfully. I could probably run Bighorn in a couple weeks and finish (maybe?) but that’s a long way to drive to probably injure myself and not have a good time. I’m going to take it one day at a time, and if that weekend pops up and I’m feeling great, hey I may make it into a glorified training run and just spend some time in beautiful Wyoming. If not, no biggie.  🙂



  1. sounds like you’ve had your hands full! but congrats on the job : ) your racing plans sound realistic and smart, and one way or another you’ll be tackling 50k and be an ultramarathoner!

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