Posted by: jawsome | March 12, 2011

The problem with PR’s…

…is that every time you don’t, it means you’ve gotten slower. I know this is a pessimistic way of looking at things, but it’s hard to go from being a new runner (where every run ever is a PR, wheeee!!!!!) to getting to the point where you can’t just go out to your friendly neighborhood 5k and PR anymore.

Case in point: my run of Sharin O’ the Green this morning. I could vent about my usual gripes (and some unusual ones) about this race – namely that I stood in line to get my race bib for half an hour. So much for my warm up. That and the usual at family friendly events: moms on crutches pushing strollers lined up in front, etc.  But I won’t vent. The fact that I didn’t PR today is my fault alone. Lack of any speed work for the past, oh, two years may have something to do with it.  That or the 1/2 bottle of wine I drank last night. Either one.

Whatever, I got 25:30, which is 1.5 minutes off my PR. At least I got to break out the Vibrams again, I’ve been missing them. And it’s a place to start for one of my racing goals for 2011: break 23 minutes in a 5k. There, I’ve put it out there. Yikes.



  1. ugh that race sounds horribly unorganized, i would’ve been annoyed, too. you may not have run your fastest 5k, but you’ve taken on a whole new (and more impressive) challenge in the form of ultra running. and there’s still a lot of time left in 2011 for you to nail that sub-23 5k : ) and after all those ultras won’t it feel great to “just” run a 5k??

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