Posted by: jawsome | March 3, 2011

On personal training, and why lunges are not your friend.

So the two of you who have been reading my blog for a while know that cross training is something I struggle with. Why can’t I just run? However, recently the sad fact that I can’t even do one pull-up led me to look up a trainer to get some strength help. I know I could go to the gym on my own and thrash around on the machines (and probably do myself a serious injury trying to deadlift 5 lbs), but I opted to consult the experts.

My expert’s name is Josh (sorry Josh, if you ever read this, about the whining that is about to ensue). On our first visit, Josh takes on this, “oh, you run distance, you’ll be fine” attitude. I start to worry. No Josh, you do not understand. I have the arms of a T-Rex, soggy oatmeal for a core, and the only reason my legs have any strength at all is because I force them into a repetitive plodding motion for excessive distance. You want me to do 300 crunches? Oh, it’s gonna be a long night buddy.

We worked out for an hour. By we, I mean he suavely and gracefully demonstrated the convoluted body weight exercises he wanted me to imitate, and I gamely flailed along, grunting and sweating. He would start out with this hopeful expression, “Ok Joselyne, we’re going to do three sets of 12”  soon followed by, “ok, three sets of ten” and “okay just make it through this set” finally to a pleading, “one more?”

I have been so incredibly sore all day, I cannot tell you. I did not know there were that many muscles even in my body. I went for the group run, but was so pathetic that I never even caught up to them (I started early and did two laps, hoping to catch them on lap two).

Hopefully I will improve. That or Josh will crush me with the weight of his expectations. There are worse ways to go, I guess.



  1. For what it’s worth from a fellow oatmeal core…I think you will pleased with the improvement in your running in the not too distant future. Best of luck.

  2. Hi, my beautiful athlete daughter!
    Absolutely love reading your posts — weight-training would be tedious and grueling to me — but am sure there are real benefits for your performance.
    Also, I still think your future is very bright as an author.
    (Lots of Love)

  3. Celeste and I just started with a trainer last month as well. The first session is the toughest by far. It was brutal! It will get easier and more fun, at least it has for us. Burpees are best avoided if possible, however. They are from the Devil.

  4. haha, this seriously had me laughing out loud! not AT you of course, but because you could be writing about me. i like to think i’m somewhat fit because i run, but anytime i cross-train (which is, ummm, infrequent to say the least) i get a big wake up call and usually am so sore after that i don’t do it again for another month.

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