Posted by: jawsome | February 15, 2011

Countdown to Moab and other races…

Haven’t been posting much due to taper madness (read: not running much). I know my body has the training, and I’ll be fine, but a week of low mileage always makes me nervous.

This past week I had a really good (for conditions) effort up Towers Road. My PR is 54 minutes hiking fast. I’ve now been trying to run it to get a better workout (and ultimately get faster), but ironically at the pace I can run it, I can hike faster! So I did it in 57 minutes, but I ran the first 2.5 miles of that beast which I was thrilled with. Soon I plan on running the whole thing – even if it takes me over an hour. I’m assuming at some point I will then get faster? Maybe?

I also did a nice long race pace run on Saturday – 10 miles, 8 at below 10 minute mile pace. I can really tell I haven’t been doing any speedwork lately – for the last mile I tried to bring it in under 9 minutes, and it was pretty hard. Weak, Joselyne, weak. I’m still trying to find that balance between speed and distance, which is especially hard for me on trail runs.

I’ve got some races coming up – most notably the Moab 33k this Saturday, followed by a few random 5k’s and a road half mary. Also signed up for a 24 hour race (ha! dont’ worry – I’m not doing it solo) also in Moab in March. Then I’ve got Bighorn in June, and Steamboat in September. There’s another 50k in July I might do – we’ll see how it goes. After Moab I’m going back to focusing on speed to see if I can get my 1/2 time down (although with the course profile I’m not sure about that…) then more trail time building up to Bighorn.

Goal for Moab: 19 miles, ~2600 feet elevation gain

C goal: under 5 hours (this should be no problem unless I’ve seriously miscalculated)

B goal: Under 4:30

A goal: Under 4 hours. Depends on how the course is and how I’m feeling, but it’s a good stretch goal.

Weather looks ok – some chance of rain but no snow or mud on the ground as of yet…wish me luck!



  1. I think you will have a great race this weekend in Moab. Your training has been solid. I’m glad you’ll be running 24 hours of Moab with us. It will be a lot of fun.

  2. Don’t worry, the Moab 33k is a cake walk compared to El Chubbo. You’ll love it. For the rest of your training, I recommend focusing on distance. After you’ve run as much as you can possibly run, you’ll get faster. And on Towers it is possible to run under 40min and still hike most of it. Training to hike efficiently is probably more beneficial than training to run the entire hill. And I think short intervals work better than long tempo efforts to improve your climbing strength and speed.
    If I don’t see you before the 50k start on Sat, have a great run!

  3. Wow! Looks like you have jumped into this trail/ultra thing all the way now. Love it! Have a great time in Moab (twice) and remember not to become a “faded trail decoration”.

  4. looks like things are moving right along for you! how long is this crazy hill? 2.5 miles of running uphill is no joke! i think you’ll be surprised when you run your 1/2, i’ve found that the more challenging trail running and the higher mileage equals faster running on the road!

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