Posted by: jawsome | January 22, 2011


5 miles with the group on Thursday evening followed by a splediferous mexican feast (homemade salsa, burritos, cake AND home brewed beer – does it get any better?)

Photo credit MBerry


The this morning I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed…well…I woke up, anyway…for the first training run for the horsetooth half marathon. Here is the delightful course profile:

horsetooth profile

I had a master plan to run 14 miles today, but had no idea how far the group was going to run. Since I’m a tortoise, I just planned on doing my own thing but using the group as a motivator up the first series of hills. It worked! I ran the entirety of the first three climbs on the course, which were fairly epic. I may or may not have yelled, “I own you, bitches!” when I got to the top of the third one (sorry mom(s)). 🙂

The group was running BACK the same way, but I’d had enough hill pain and decided to quit that while I was ahead. Instead, I ran down the trail to the reservoir ridge trailhead, and then back along the road to the Maxwell parking lot (where we started). At that point I was at 11 miles (ish) and decided to do an additional loop around Pineridge. It was pretty cool and very windy for the last part, but I trundled along and ended up with a solid 15 miles for the day (2:50). I’ll have to re-examine the Moab course for hill info, but I’m hoping I might be able to do the 33k in the fourth hour (that is, anywhere from 4:00-4:59). “A” goal would be sub 4, but that will only happen if I suddenly sprout wings between now and then AND the course is all gently downhill (ha!). Oh well, a girl can dream.

The group is heading out to Blue Sky tomorrow for 21 miles. I don’t think I have that in me, but I should be good for a solid 10 or so. 43 miles for the week – my highest mileage EVER. Woot.

Happy running!



  1. nice work! i’m hoping to hit 40ish miles this week, too, which would be my highest ever as well. ultra training sure takes things to another level! i just can’t fathom how people do 60+ mile weeks…

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