Posted by: jawsome | January 20, 2011

3 for 1 and SQUATZ

So how did my triple header go this weekend? Not quite as planned, but close enough.

Saturday I headed out to Pineridge for 12 miles at a moderate pace. Felt really good the whole run, but noticed that the trail conditions were just on the verge of seriously deteriorating. Mysteriously, I got a huge blood blister on my toe which has never happened before. Required minor home surgery in order to be in good condition for the next two days…I guess my ultra training really has begun…

Sunday I was feeling lethargic and *almost* wimped out on my planned 8 miles. I did some tae bo instead to work some of my other muscles…but then felt really good and had no excuse. So I headed out to Reservoir Ridge with the hopes of doing two loops…only to find an icy, muddy mess waiting for me. I read other blogs where people magically run through this stuff and I just have no idea how they do it. The ice I get – I could get some microspikes or screws or something. But the mud? How is it possible to run with four pounds of mud globbing onto each of your feet? I must lack the required coordination. But, I drove all the way out there so I was going to get at least something done. I fast hiked (and slipped and slogged) 4 miles before calling it quits. Then when I got home, I decided it was time to become a weightlifter. Ok, not really – but I’ve been reading some forums lately from folks who are really into weightlifting and it’s sort of compelling. I’ve never done a deadlift or weighted squat in my life, so I asked Matt to show me how. 6 deadlifts with 50 lbs (plus bar) and whoa I could feel it. (Obviously not a lot of weight, but I think I’m going to work on form first before I really go after it). We don’t have a bench or a cage, so the “bench presses” were done on my back with free weights (25 lbs in each hand). I am weak, that is all I have to say.

Monday morning I woke up feeling it a little from the weights, but was bound and determined to hit the road. I really didn’t want to do a pavement run, but I knew the trail conditions would not be conducive to the kind of workout I wanted. So I just ran from the house to the Poudre bike path and did 13 miles.  The theme of the day was “poundy” and windy. Hello 20mph headwind on the way out. Seriously, my pace on the way out was 11-12 minutes miles because of the wind, then on the way back I was hitting 8:30-9. Clearly, the way back was much more fun.  Still, running on pavement kills me and I was MUCH more sore than usual for that distance. Ick.

I call that a successful running weekend. Happy running!



  1. well done! i’m having the same problems with muddy trails : / i need to do more weight training, especially to prep for my ultras!

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