Posted by: jawsome | January 14, 2011

Thank you, MLK!

And not just for the holiday on Monday. 🙂

However, I will take advantage of the fortuitous holiday for a weekend running triple header bonanza! (the more exciting I make it sound, the more FUN it will be…right? RIGHT?)

Saturday will see some 12-14 miles at Pineridge, followed by two laps of Reservoir Ridge on Sunday, Followed by ~15+ on Blue Sky on Monday. This week my plan has been to group my workout days and group my rest days.

Monday saw some cross country skiing, Tuesday we went out for the group run at the ridge without the group (I get off at 4pm on Mondays, and waiting two hours to run sometimes seems kinda silly – plus it was 8 degrees when we started and only getting colder!).

Absolutely beautiful freezing dark wonderland. Wednesday I did 800 repeats (my least fave workout EVAR) followed by 4 200m repeats endorsed by friend BQ running lunatic Leaky Tabasko. Woof.

Found out that Matt has a stress fracture in his foot, so will not be running with me over the next 6-8 weeks. Sadly, that means no Moab for him, although I’m not sure how disappointed he really is now that he gets to spend two whole days biking glorious Moab slickrock…

Happy Running!



  1. enjoy the 3 day weekend! sounds like some big running days.

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