Posted by: jawsome | January 11, 2011

Nothing like an unplanned extended holiday…

Welp, after the chubby chubster it was off to the frigid north to celebrate Christmas with Matt’s family. Just like two years ago, we were trapped by the EPIC SNOWPOCALYPTIC BLIZZARD OF 2010. Really, lady at the big Y? Do you really need to stock up on gallons of water for a 2 day storm?

Sadly, this weather detour derailed our plans to run the FCTR vertical beer mile, but not so sadly I got an additional 2 days off work.  While in CT I got a couple trail runs in (and let me tell you, CO does NOT have a monopoly on rocks, roots, and hills!) as well as some sledding and cross country skiing.

Matt and I cannabalized a kiddie pool...

skiing in CT

Contemplating a hill ahead, and how to avoid spraddling my way down!

Once we arrived back, Matt and I began our new year with a three week Paleo experiment. We have both been porking out recently, and decided that a little more whole food, a little less sugar and grains was just what the doctor apparently did not order (our primal cookbook apparently rated among the worst according to the AMA – what do those people know anyway? They still think that fat in the diet = heart disease). So, I’ve been eating lots of meat and veggies. My new rule: if it’s not easily identifiable as a plant or animal, it probably is not meant to be eaten. (excepting of course the occasional pizza, chips and salsa, and glass of red wine once these three weeks are over!) You know, everything in moderation, including moderation.

Since our return, I’ve been dealing with some health problems that have made it hard to keep training (not to mention the emotional, physical, and financial drain) but Matt and I still managed to throw down 11+ hilly miles at bobcat ridge last week, as well as some cross country skiing up at Happy Jack. Hopefully back on target this week to resume training for the Red Hot 33k in Moab next month.

Snow Running!


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