Posted by: jawsome | December 6, 2010

Run like a…tortoise?

On Saturday I attempted a somewhat failed run of the first 5+ miles of the El Chubbo Grande race course. I’ll be running this beast with a number of more well-seasoned trail runners on December 18th. I’m doing the JV version, or “El Chubbo Pequeno”, which is 21.5 miles (~5500 feet of elevation change – eeek!). So, like any good runner I thought I’d head out for a “quick” 12 miles to preview part of the course.

Fail item 1: drink too much the night before (why do I never seem to learn this lesson?)

Fail item 2: Only bring one water bottle (can you say dehydration? What about when your tongue is swollen?)

Fail item 3: Don’t bring any food (who doesn’t like a good death march?)

So, it wasn’t so much a run as it was a hike-bent-over-gasping-for-air-omigod-what-have-I-signed-up-for. Sounds fun, right? I made it about 9 miles before I decided that discretion was the better part of valour and went back to the car. Did I learn my lesson? Yeah, probably not…

Then on Sunday I joined the Fort Collins Running Club (I’ve been a “member” of the trail running club for a while). The FCRC is mostly fast road runners (where are all the Colorado back of the pack-ers? Oh yeah, that’s me…and…well just me, really). They put on a tortoise and hare series of 7 races each year, which after completing the 10k on Sunday I am fairly certain are designed to grind your ego into the dust.  It’s set up like a time trial, so the slow people start first and are eventually caught by the speedsters, with the idea that everyone crosses the line around the same time. Welp, you know what that means – getting passed at mile 6 while you’re trying desperately not to puke your guts out by some rangy galloping gazelle who looks like he’s out for a bit of a frolic. Humble, thy name is Joselyne.

Since I haven’t run a 10k since my first 10k trail race two years ago, I didn’t really know how to pace myself. My old nemesis McMillan predicted I could do it in ~51 minutes, so I tacked on 2 minutes to that and said I thought I could run it in 53. Not so much, as it turns out, esp. after the slog the day before. I came in after a good, hard, watch-less effort at 55:10. Mixed feelings – happy to kill my previous PR by 6 minutes, still disappointed by the lack of speed. It would be nice to be able to break 50 minutes in a 10k. Someday.

Ok, I think that’s enough blathering for now. Happy Running!



  1. i still have learned lesson number 1 either. congrats on getting through 9 miles 😉 I’m sure you’ll be awesome this weekend! and congrats on the 10K PR. You did great!!!

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