Posted by: jawsome | December 3, 2010

I need a new headlamp…

Because this is pretty much what the trail looked like to me last night (less snow)

My headlamp has been getting gradually dimmer and dimmer, so I’m going to go the obvious route and change the batteries. Still, I’d like to add a handheld light to the mix so I stop having to mince my way down the trail. Last night saw about 20 of us insane excited runners ready to tackle Towers road (3.5 miles UP @ 12% grade). I managed a 20 second PR on my still epically slow pace (52:40). I have to basically hike the majority of it – I don’t know how people run up that beast. Maybe I should set that for an end of season goal – run all but the three “really steep” sections. Hmm. I need some more intermediate hills to practice on, though.

Did the group run on Tuesday, some core work and mile repeats on Wednesday. Saturday I’m off for an 11 mile jaunt location TBD, then on Sunday I’m going to be a tortoise in the tortoise and hare series put on my our local Runner’s Roost. Finally, a chance to readress my 10k time. We’ll see how that goes…

Also, one of the benefits of living in Colorado is that we can go chop down our very own Christmas tree! Matt and I are set to do that on Saturday as well. Maybe the pine smell will do something about the lingering odor of burnt turkey in the house (*cough* someone burnt some turkey soup              *cough*)

Happy Running!


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