Posted by: jawsome | November 30, 2010

Run, Rabbit, Run!

Ok, I know I can’t officially sign up for this race until it opens – but the more I read about it the more excited I get about the Run, Rabbit, Run! 50 miler in Steamboat. It takes place in late September, which allows me plenty of time to train. If I can keep a base level of running over the winter (harder and harder as the temp dips into the 10’s – I may be re-kindling a close personal relationship with my treadmill) I think I should be well set-up for a good training cycle over the summer.

I can’t believe I am planning on running a 50 mile race. When I started this blog two years ago, I couldn’t even run 4 blocks (seriously!). I may still be slow – but around here the scenery is so beautiful what’s the hurry?  🙂

Down to 133 – hope to get to 125 by September through continued lifestyle changes, not dieting. Bring on the veggies! Marlene over at Mission to (another) Marathon just wrote a great review of “Racing Weight” by Matt Fitzgerald. Go check it out!

Happy Running!


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