Posted by: jawsome | November 22, 2010

I love Thanksgiving

Best three F’s out there – friends, family, and food. From a more practical standpoint, Thanksgiving also means all the students are gone. My office is peaceful and quiet, there are no traffic jams, and I am free to research running as much as I want. Ah, the holidays…

Thursday this week saw another assault on Towers – due to a tempermental Garmin my time is a “best guess” 53:00 for the 3.5 mile ascent. It’s steep, and I haven’t done enough hill repeats in training yet to be able to make it much over a weak hike for most of it.  After the holidays I’ve got to get some hill climbing in in earnest.

Friday was a rest day, where we took care of our dog Japhy who had oral surgery. Little did I know that this was about to become a $2200 weekend…

Saturday morning I woke up to find one of our cats, Widget, scarfing down one of Japhy’s pain killers. Stupid cat. I didn’t really think anything of this, I figured he might get sick – but it never occured to me to call the vet. I went out for a nice 6.5 mile run from the house to riverbend ponds (which was a lovely run). When I got home, Matt reported that when the vet called to check on Japhy, he asked about Widget taking the pain pill. The vet told us to bring him in right away, and some quick online research confirmed that it was in fact frequently lethal in cats. Great. So Widget got to spend the weekend in the hospital (his liver enzymes were elevated so they pumped him full of saline). Note: when vets tell you not to leave your dog meds lying around, it is no joke.

Sunday I went out for a 10 miler at Pineridge. It was really, really great. My left calf has been twinging since my “sprint” 4 mile trial on Thursday, but it mellowed out a bit on this run. I have finally realized that my strategy of “run fast until you have to walk, then run again” is not really effective. I have come to accept the fact that at this point in my training I am just slow. Slow slow slow and that’s ok. I was able to run the entire 10 miles virtually without stopping, so I’m happy with that. Plus, I felt great and didn’t have any problems. Speed training comes last.

Ok, that was kind of long and rambly…off to pretend to work for another 2 hours til I can go home and snuggle with my moronic (but very cute) feline.


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