Posted by: jawsome | November 18, 2010

Not bad, but not great

Tested out my 4 mile skillz last night on the dreadmill (the above picture may or may not be what it looked like). After doing some creative calculating with McMillan, I figured I could probably hold between 8:00-8:30 miles for four miles (giving me a 4 mile time between 32-34 minutes). I wanted to test this outside, because the dreadmill is sort of soul-sucking, but it was too dark last night. So, I loaded up the iPod with some rage music (not my normal fare, but if I was going to haul ass on the treadmill I knew I would need all the help I could get). It sucked (and now I have a huge blister on my foot) but I pulled it off in 34:09. Hopefully with a couple pounds lost and race energy I can get that down closer to the 32:xx range. Already down one pound (lol, proabably all water). 

Tonight it’s once again time for the horsetooth time trial  (torture yourself up a crazy steep hill for 3.5 miles, then try not to trip and break yourself over rocks on the way down).

Happy Running!


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