Posted by: jawsome | November 17, 2010

Project pre-holiday slim-down

I have been carrying around some extra baggage, and not of the emotional variety. I think at this point I am 6 pounds over my happy weight (130) and 11 pounds over “racing weight” (125). I have definitely noticed some slowing down on my runs, and wonder if the extra baggage is contributing.


Project slim-down is in the works. Alas, this may mean no more reese’s PB cups at lunch :(.

Ran with the group last night in the windy darkness and felt pretty sluggish. I’m slightly concerned about my performance capabilities for the Turkey Trot next Thursday – certainly I’m not up to speed like I was last summer. I’m planning on doing a four mile test run tonight just to see how bad it is, then I might toss in some last-minute speed work in a desperate attempt to make up for the last month’s nonexistant turnover. They’re offering pies to the first three places in each age group, which I might have had a slim chance of attaining last summer (often placed 5th-7th) but these days the outlook is grim (esp. with ~4000 runners). We’ll see!

Hey, at least I should beat my four-mile PR of 38:35 from my first race two years ago! (Oh god, please let me beat that time…lol)


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