Posted by: jawsome | November 15, 2010

A day late week in running…

This was my first week trying to tackle a full training load (which for me at this point is a somewhat weaksauce 29 miles).

Monday: 45 minutes of self-directed yoga = bliss. I cannot stand the yammering of yoga videos. Pushups and situps. How do I get good at pullups when I can’t even do one ?!

Tuesday: started the group run early with Matt to try and get some extra miles in – unfortunately muddy conditions led to trail running fail (although when we left, several of the group were gamely getting ready to start – how do you run with 5 pounds of mud on your shoes?) Matt and I headed to the bike path for a dark 5 miles. It was dark, and that’s about all I have to say about it.

Wednesday: Five miles on the dreadmill. Ugh. 1.5 mile warmup, 4 800’s, 1.5 mile cool down. Very boring, even with Matt sweating to death on the rollers next to me.

Thursday: Supposed to do 6 miles, but the cold, dark, and snow beat me into submission. Thursdays are my longest days at work so Thursday evening running is always a challenge.

Friday: Back on the dreadmill for 4.5 boring miles. Did a couple pickups at the end just to get it over with.

Saturday: 12 miles from Coyote ridge to Blue Sky to Indian Summer and back. Fairly slow as I’m still getting used to running with all my bulky winter gear. Not nearly fast enough to run in shorts and a t-shirt in 30 degrees like the guy who sprinted past me on one of the climbs.

Sunday: Watched Matt’s cyclocross (read: MUD) race in the early AM, then we headed out for a slug pace (me) 5.5 miles along Devil’s Backbone. Beautiful (rocky) trail, but my head and legs weren’t in it. Luckily our pooch Japhy is just my pace and kept me company while Matt bounded back to the car in the last three miles.

32 miles. Felt pretty rough all week, but I’m trying to remain positive. I am just beginning this epic journey, after all. PS – where did these 4 extra pounds come from? Must. control. self.


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