Posted by: jawsome | November 4, 2010

Training cycle 1 (of 3) begins…

Ok, so technically I’m not training for the 33k in Moab – as in, it’s not my goal race for the year. BUT, I am seriously undertrained at this point, so I’m beginning my base-building period. I successfully completed 3 of this week’s workouts so far (yoga on Monday, 3.75 hilly miles on Tuesday with the group, and 3 tempo miles with the pooch plus 30 minutes of (*yawn* boring) core stuff. However, Matt and I have a movie date with Race Across the Sky tonight right after work, so our plan was to run this morning. If you know me at all, you know that the chance of a workout where I have to get up at 5:30 happening is approximately zero. Add to that a rough night of sleep and you have…well…zero workout. Ugh, I hate early mornings. Still, 3/4 ain’t bad. I have the next couple days off because I’m off to Louisiana for a wedding, but 8 miles on the docket for Sunday when I return.

Also, I am now absolutely addicted to 100 mile race reports. Good grief. It’s kind of a morbid fascination really, because an awful lot of them are train wrecks. Further proof that psychology is the right field for me – people are so endlessly interesting.

Happy Running!


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