Posted by: jawsome | November 1, 2010

Making it official

Ok, so I signed up for Moab’s red hot 33k along with what seems like every other person in the Fort Collins Trail Running group. We should rent a bus. Somehow my trail fervor has infected Matt, who also signed up! (Of course, the bike will be coming with us – can’t keep those knobby tires away from all that glorious slickrock).

Future race plans also include the Sageburner 50k in Gunnison in late May, and (gasp!) the Run Rabbit Run 50 miler in Steamboat next September. I would sign up for these just to make it official, but of course registration isn’t open this early. Matt has agreed to coach me, and his obsessive attention to research and detail means I already have an extensive training plan in googledocs.

Finally, it was definitely time for some new kicks. The old Mizunos (which saw me through my first ever trail 10k) were definitly expired. I looked around and decided on the Inov8 Talons

Plus they look cool, which we all know contributes to fastness

for heavy winter trails…but I’m still looking for an all-around minimalist trail shoe. I’m thinking about the Roclite 315’s.

 So many options – these aren’t your grandpa’s Nikes

PS – If you haven’t read Born to Run yet, go get it. Also makes a great gift for those runners in your life.

Happy Running!



  1. For winter running you may want to consider the Roclite 318s. I think they are the same as the 315s except they are Gore-tex. Should keep your feet dry in snowy conditions.

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