Posted by: jawsome | April 17, 2010

A new 13.1 PR and how NOT to run your last long training run…


I just ran 22 miles (well, 21 miles with a .8 mile cool down to be precise). I’m tired! And nearly delusional! 🙂

Matt generously drove me way out past the start of the marathon so I could spend the whole run in the lovely Poudre valley instead of on the bike path (which is pretty I guess, but boring). The day has been in the low 50’s, drizzly, and overcast. For once I was dressed completely appropriately and did not need to shed/add layers. The first 6 miles ticked by no problem – seriously, I felt great, had some great new tunes and gorgemo scenery.

Look at all that lovely downhill!

The rock formations made for some sketchy running situations, but beautifully distracting scenery! Each of the first six miles was well under ten minutes. Joy.

The view from behind

Way sooner than I expected, I hit the start of the marathon course – WTF race committee? I thought the start was in Poudre Park (4 more miles up the road). Guess not…

Thar she be, the start of the marathon!

I was positively cruising along, feeling rested and great and appreciative of how all my recent tempo work was helping my mile times stay low. Ah, running – I love you. Then it started…  “hmm…” I think to myself as I consult Garmie, “if I skip the next scheduled Gu stop and keep going I could…I could PR my half marathon time!” Whoa there killer. But no, I cannot stop myself from picking up the pace even more. “I am probably going to regret this…but NOT ENOUGH!” 🙂 I did mile 13 in 9:17. For me, that is craziness. I PR’d my half marathon time by two full minutes. Nice.


In case you’re wondering, this was in fact NOT a good idea. At mile 16 the wheels started coming off. I’m picturing my car skidding down the valley with no wheels at all. This is approximately what it felt like (or would, if I were a car, had feelings and was able to propel myself down the Poudre river valley with no wheels. It could happen).

Each mile was successively ouchier until by mile 20 I was basically hobbling along, whining to the valley walls (there was no one else around to subject to my pathetic-ness at this time, unfortunately). I did manage to pick it up for mile 21, which just goes to show that pain is relative to GETTING. THIS. OVER. WITH. Whew. The last .8 miles, which I walked hobbled back to the car, was pretty pathetic but what do you want? How would YOU look, mister overweight Lexus driver, if YOU just ran 21 miles?

I hobbled into the gas station where I left my car and demanded “ICE!” To which the friendly, if tobacco stained, station attendant responded, “training fer that marathon thingy, are ye?” and I’m not sure I responded in anything that didn’t sound like, “mumble mumble, hospital, mumble, pizza” (I’m also probably imagining the outrageous pirate accent he used).

Welp, I’m happy with it (now that I am pleasantly full and rested). Even with the last .8 at a walk, my average pace was 10:38. Not bad, not bad. I’m still not confident I can make it those last 4.2, but I guess that’s what the peanut gallery cheering section is for!

Happy hobbling running!



  1. Joselyne, you are an inspiration!! I just registered for a 1/2 marathon in a few months and hope to run a marathon in the next year!!

  2. Yeah… a half marathon PR in the middle of a long-a$$ run may not be the best idea. 😉 But CONGRATS and way to hang in there!!

  3. Being able to get through a half at PR pace is pretty hardcore for being in the middle of training! Way to stick through the rest – I’m sure it was all planned so that your legs would know how to run when fatigued, right? 😉

  4. Hey Joselyne – just found the blog and really enjoyed reading about your running adventures! Now it’s time to taper, taper, taper…

    Good luck in the race 🙂

  5. sidenote: My Bf went to school at CSU and has a shirt that says “Save the Poudre” so 1) I laughed when I read that because 2) it sounds funny when you say it outloud. 😉

    anyway! Congrats on the PR!! 0.8 mi cooldown totally counts for 22 miles – whew, LR to the extreme!

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