Posted by: jawsome | April 16, 2010

the view from Gallup

Last weekend Matt and I headed down to Gallup, NM for his 12 hour bike race. The trip was great – good weather for driving (oh man, did we drive!), camping, and general fun was had by all. Well, okay, Matt might debate about the “fun” aspect of the biking for 12 hours part…

Japhy wanted to make extra sure we didn't leave without him, so he parked himself by the luggage

Understand, I grew up in the Southwest so I like the desert. Gallup was no exception, except for one thing: the desert itself can be beautiful, it’s the human habitation that often leaves something to be desired. I suppose it’s hard to make houses look good in the desert, unless you’re going for the Santa Fe adobe look. But, you can see the lovely view we had of the bike race – right from outside our tent!

If you look closely, you can see the itty bitty bikers winding their way up that rock face

My mission on this trip was to serve as pit crew – every 13 mile lap Matt would come back in and grab new bottles and food. Japhy served as moral support (from inside the car, lest he try too hard at his job and tackle Matt to the ground). He did great! 10 laps (130 miles) is crazy on a mountain bike – and it was good enough for 2nd place!

grinding to the finish

As for me, I was supposed to do a 13 mile run but was too lazy. It was just too much fun to play in the desert and enjoy camping. Instead, I did 3-ish miles the day we got there and a 2 mile hike the day we left. Okay, so I added new emphasis to the idea of the step-back week. Whatev.

But since then? I have been going STRONG my friends! 7 mile tempo run On Tuesday morning (Hello 5am, nice to meet you!) HARD. I reached vomit threshold at least 3 times during the run, which I count as success (Coach Ranoa would be proud). Then, I followed it up with a 6 mile run that night for my first ever two a day (way tired that night!). Matt and I also did a 6 mile “mountain” bike ride (read: not on pavement, and I was riding a mountain bike). Then, last night I did 6×800 at 3:40 pace. Marlene, you are correct. Vomit threshold reached. I was doing reps of pushups, situps, and various other core stuff in between each 800, so by 6 I was DONE. Fine by me, I’ll take it.

22 miles this weekend. It looks like rain tomorrow so it might get pushed to Sunday but that beast is MINE.

Also, I have a job interview on Monday – wish me luck!

Happy Running!


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