Posted by: jawsome | April 4, 2010

19 miles, race spectating, and omg hills

Happy Easter!

Matt had a bike race yesterday down in Lakewood, so we headed down there mid-day. I had a 20 mile run scheduled, but was not optimistic given the 50 mph wind gusts in the forecast.

I did three loops around Mount Carbon (whose name I mocked prior to the run [really, it is a glorified hill], but never again). Each loop was 6.9 miles, so I would finish with ~21 (planned to walk the last mile). I headed out into a 15 mph headwind, uphill. My mood was not so good at this point – have you ever had one of those long runs where after 2 miles you really think, “how is this going to be possible?’ Yeah.

Next, I crested a steep climb and headed down 3 glorious miles along a ridge looking over the lake. Ahh, this is more like it. I even stopped at the ‘fitness loop’ and did 10 push-ups! Then, Mount Carbon loomed up. Holy crap – that’s a steep incline. It was the kind of incline that is a challenge at a WALK (which is what I did). Back down the other steep side, then back into the hellacious headwind for 3 miles. Ugh.

Repeat x3. Each time into the headwind I’d think “ok, I’m only doing this one lap, I’ll run tomorrow” then I’d get to the end and think, “well, I made it this far, might as well do the fun part…” and repeat. On the second two laps I cut over early so the run ended up being 19 miles instead of 20 (or 21), but there was a significant amount of climbing and headwind, so I’m calling it good.

I don’t even want to look at my pace! 🙂

Next week we’re off to New Mexico, as Matt is competing in a 12 hour mountain bike race. Yes, you heard me. 12 hours. Two weeks after fighting face to face with barbed wire (re-capped here), he is tackling the “Dawn ’til Dusk” race. I’m only going for the Trader Joe’s. 🙂 I have a shorter run this week, then one more 22 miler before taper time.

Oh marathon, you’re coming so fast!



  1. Great work pushing through all the miles. Hope you have a great time in NM! Should be great weather for you in this neck of the woods

  2. Matt does some serious biking – wow!

    Congrats on the tough run… not sure I could handle three loops!

  3. Wind is SO frustrating during runs!! I think combining that with hills? you defniitely got in a 20 mile (+) effort! 😉

    where in NM is his race?? I grew up in the NW corner, about 30 min from Colorado! Hope you guys have/had a good trip!

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