Posted by: jawsome | March 28, 2010

My foot hurts

Whiny title = fitting.

Did my 18 miler and was feeling pretty stoked on it. Matt generously dropped me off up the Poudre again this morning (tee hee, I am so juvenile). Actually, even if this wasn’t my first 18 miler, it would probably rank up there with “best.” Weather was excellent, new tunes on the ‘pod, beautiful scenery, and my legs were feeling really fresh after a pretty light week of training (one 6 miler, one four miler and a 3 mile walk). Actually, I was pretty much cranking until about mile 14 which is awesome. I don’t even remember the first 10 miles, which is a pretty good sign I think.

I also think I have figured out the cramping thing – I think I just occasionally forget to breathe when I run (der). This causes problems as I’m sure you can imagine, so I’ve been concentrating really hard on breathing. This is about all my poor brain can handle on a long run, so it’s a good thing I’ve never taken up a more ambitious goal like solving advanced physics problems or learning a new language.

The last four miles were tough, as usual. I love how when I get down to 3 miles left I try to tell myself, “come on, Jawsome, less than a 5k left!” and it still feels like 8 miles instead of 3.  Finished 18 miles in 3:07 – 10:24 average pace (whee, that’s 14 seconds per mile faster than last week!).

The problem is, I’ve been having some nagging foot pain that has now graduated from nagging to whining moderately. It’s centered in the bones above my left arch, which is very slightly swollen and only really hurts when I try to walk normally. As a result, I have to now walk on the outside of my foot which makes me kind of look like a gimp. I also have a huge mega callous under the ball of my left foot ( below big toe), which makes me think I might (gasp!) be pronating. But only on the left side? Is this possible? Stupid marathon training showing me all my biomechanical weaknesses.

Dear foot: you only have to make it through 2-3 more long training runs and the marathon. I will think about getting new shoes (even though I just got you some brand new neutral shoes, if you want to be picky about it I’ll get you some different ones), just relax. You can freak out AFTER the marathon.



  1. Oh no, sorry to hear about that foot pain. Here’s hoping it stays under control til you can deal with it post-marathon.

    Way to go on the 18-miler!

  2. hey girl. sorry to hear about your foot pain too. maybe take it easy this week and run 9 – 10 miles as your long run so your body has more time to recover before a 20 mile run the following weekend. you don’t want to mess up your foot even more before the marathon.

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