Posted by: jawsome | March 21, 2010

17 miles and then some…

I have discovered that long runs over 14 miles make me stupid. It’s like all my brain juice gets used up on the run, and then for the rest of the day I’m kind of staring off into space and drooling. Or posting on my blog. Either one, or both, really. 🙂

17 miles on the docket for today, done and DONE. MUCH better than last week – thanks to all your advice I avoided cramps completely. Yes! I took Marlene, Runninglaur, and Melissa‘s advice on the electrolytes – tried Luna lemonade in water, and I actually really *like* the taste! Win. Thanks ladies! I also took Christina’s advice and nixed the banana. Instead, I had a Gu and a cliff shot block before I started, and a Gu at miles 6 and 12. I also took Danny’s (of Chi Running fame) advice and changed my breathing up to in two breathes, out three. I’m not sure which of these brilliant suggestions helped, but what a difference!

Last week I suffered through 16 miles at 11:30 pace. This week I suffered through 17 miles at 10:30 pace. I finished at almost the exact same time! (3:01:42). Don’t get me wrong, I felt like I had been run over by a cement paver after “sprinting” to the finish at mile 17, but am much better now.

The Bad (and ugly):

Once I stopped, I thought my legs were going to fall off my body. I miscalculated my run, and ended up over a mile from home. Doh! Normally, this would have been fine – but after 17 miles my body was approaching full rebellion. I was tempted to just lay down on the side of the road (it is a lovely, sunny day after all) but I managed to keep walking until I found a bench. Without any shame (or indeed any thoughts or feelings at all) I laid down on the bench and closed my eyes for 2-3 minutes. I’m pretty sure the homeless guy walking by thought I was dead, but I tried to move around enough to discourage any acts of humanitarianism.

Finally, I made it home. I am now sitting on my couch, feeling extremely reluctant to even think about moving.

On to read some race reports!



  1. Glad this one was so much better for you! After that hard effort you deserve an afternoon of no responsibilities and mush mind 🙂

  2. hahaha! After my long run yesterday, I too was dead–and had poor distance calculation and had to call hubs to come pick me up a mile from home because after 14 hilly ones, I was fried. After my shower, I sat on the bathroom floor in my sweats, towel around my head, to put my recovery socks on, and promptly thought how nice it would feel to just lay down there for a few minutes…and then proceeded to “school sleep” (you know, how you used to sleep when youput your head on your desk & fell asleep during class but could kind of still hear what was going on around you) for somewhere between 5-10 minutes, right there on my bathroom floor. Made it up again just before hubs came in and said, “what are you doing up here?!”

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