Posted by: jawsome | March 19, 2010

On running outside, TABATA! and WTF snow?

I had a lovely 4.5 mile run OUTSIDE (I still get excited…but I shouldn’t get too excited, as you’ll read later) on Tuesday. Felt good, although I am continuously reminded that I suck at hills and if I ever want to be a successful trail runner I better figure that out. Especially in Colorado!

Thursday my friend Josie and I tried to tackle the Tabata (who was actually tackled in that encounter I’ll leave to your imagination). I may have blogged about Tabata before, but if you have never tried it I quadrouple dog dare you. That’s four dogs worth of dares, you should be feeling pretty compelled about now. Ok, here’s the deal: sprint as fast as you can for 20 seconds. Like, running from a Tyrannosaur speed. Rest for 10 seconds. Run for 20. Rest for 10. Keep doing this for 4 minutes. You’re done. “Four minutes?” you ask? “that sounds easy peasey!” No. No it is not. If you can successfully do this workout without losing speed, you’re doing it wrong (i.e. the Tyrannosaur is going to eat you). I was only able to do two reps in a row before a longer break, as 10 seconds is really not that fast. Try it. Seriously. It will fry you.

Finally, what the heck Colorado? It was 63 and sunny yesterday, and today it is dumping snow. I guess I’ll be out snowshoeing instead of running this PM…

Happy Running!



  1. Ah, love CO. Call it cross-training and you’re golden.

  2. I think if I took you up on this dare there’d be broken bones everywhere – just like being chomped by a dinosaur! Impressive that you even took on the challenge!

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