Posted by: jawsome | March 10, 2010

sucking it up for mid-week runs

Ugh. Midweek runs. Somehow they seemed much more enjoyable when I didn’t have to work 8-5 (I know, I know, cry me a river). Anywho, I sucked it up last night and hopped on the ‘mill for a quick 3.1 (somehow I can never just do 3 miles, I always have to tack on that last .1 – like it means anything!). I could tell it was going to be one of those “maintenance” runs where you just have to struggle through it, so I decided to break it up with some “circuit” training. Mile 1: 8:45 – followed by pushups, situps, other ab thingys I don’t know the name of, and back on the ‘mill. Repeat x 3, and done. This seems to be the only way I can make it through a “core workout” which I apparently need so any way I can get it works for me.

Then, because I am a super-badass (read: knew I wouldn’t want to do the same thing tonight) I woke up early in time to do a quick 5 miler OUTSIDE! The cool thing about my job is that if you work late the night before you can come in later the next day. So I layered up (25 degrees is COLD) and headed out. My goal was 3 tempo miles, which was not quite achieved but almost. Mile one is always supposed to be a warmup, but ends up way faster so I just made it a tempo mile. One the fly mental calculator, that’s me.

Mile 1 – 9:02

Mile 2 – 9:10

Mile 3 – falling off and walking – 10:15

Mile 4 – 9:32 (the only actually successful tempo mile)

Mile 5 – cool down – 11:14

It’s weird to be running so much slower for marathon training after my speedy 5k summer. I just know though that if I can keep a 10 minute pace for the whole marathon I will be a happy happy camper. 🙂

speedwork tomorrow night, then the epic 16 miler this weekend (I get to call every long run from now on “epic” as each one will be my longest run EVER)

Happy Running!



  1. Hey, you’re back! And I am thinking inserting ab work during treadmilll may be worth trying; I dislike both, so why not combine for one epically ugh workout?! I am also thinking 9:50-10:00 for Colorado so we may see each other out there!

  2. Great job on BOTH runs. Awesome that you have some flexibility with work hours… definitely makes it easier to squeeze in those miles!

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