Posted by: jawsome | August 15, 2009

Running in weather?!


Ahh, I’m sitting on my couch enjoying the fruits of a perfectly timed run. Thunderstorms in the morning? Check. 45 minute window in which the sun bursts out? Check. lovely trail run along the res? Check.Pouring rain right as I walk through my front door? Check. Perfect.

Now for some sushi and a glass of white wine. My chargers are playing pre-season tonight, but alas apparently they don’t care about that here in Fort Collins. I am not a big enough NFL fan to shell out for the extra cable package, but I do wish I could watch the game.

Anywho, happy running!



  1. Careful of the lightning – it is no joke in the CO! Been caught out in it a few time and it is not good. Miss you!

  2. perfect timing!

    (we went to BJ’s last night b/c they said they were going to be playing the game, but then when we got their, their satellite feed wasn’t working 😦 oh wells.)

    miss you too!

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