Posted by: jawsome | July 29, 2009

Ooof with a Capital “O”

Matt, Shaun and I are thinking about doing the Carpinteria triathalon as a team come September (I’ll be out for a visit). I’ll be doing the 10k, Matt will be doing the bike, and Shaunzor will be swimming. Woot! So, this is good. It gives me something to focus on as it’s too soon to really start marathon training but I need to build a strong base. Also, running at altitude sucks my will to live, and I need another reason to get out there (other than the joys of asphyxia that is).

To that end, I downloaded our buddy Hal Higdon’s 10k intermediate training plan. Today was supposed to be a 35 minute tempo run, but I was happy just to get through it without dying to be honest. First time on a run I haven’t been annoyed by stopping for traffic lights!

Tomorrow Garmie and I are hitting the trails for a 3 miler (biking to the trail and back) and then some strength training (don’t want all that work moving boxes to go to waste!)

Happy running!



  1. A tri relay – how fun! Sounds like a good way to get you on the road. I hope you like Hal’s plan!

  2. Thats the way to do a TRI in my opinion 😉 haha. stick to the running!! The altitude factor makes a HUGE Difference – I grew up at 5500 ft and when I go home now it completely kicks my ass. ahhh

    good luck with the trail run!

  3. Have you ever seen Anne of Green Gables?! Your background looks JUST LIKE the bridge that is a major part of the movie!

  4. 1 – That sounds like my kinda Tri; the kind that’s actually only running!
    2 – I swear it gets easier to run up here
    3 – It DOES look just like Anne of Green Gables!

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