Posted by: jawsome | July 26, 2009

All moved in!

First, let’s talk about Hilton Head. Matt’s uncle has a lovely house on the beach in Hilton Head, and every year we are invited out to stay for a week. This year we were able to fit it into our schedule, and decided it would be good for us to have a nice long vacation together.

Matt and I on a side trip to Savannah

Matt and I on a side trip to Savannah

The Hilton Head trip provided a plethora of workout activities. We ran on the beach (heat and humidity be damned!), we biked all over the island, we swam almost daily 1/2k swims in the pool, frolicked in the ocean, went kyaking, and parasailing. I did my first brick workout, and actually we did mini triathlons almost every day! It was really nice, and necessary considering all the delicious food and wine we consumed.



Hilton_Head_July_2009 042

Now on to the two day turnover for my move to Fort Collins. Matt was frantically looking for a new place, and I was frantically packing and loading things into the Penske. Needless to say, I could have benefitted from a few runs (I think I did one three miler, but should have done more). My mom and step-dad helped me drive across country, and we arrived in “Fort Fun” on Tuesday. It’s been hot here, so I call moving “cross training”.

I finally got out for my first run today, and found my own More Mesa in Fort Collins.


It’s just two miles from my place, and is lovely trails amongst prairie dog towns. It was warm, and I was gasping for air, but it was absolutely beautiful. I think I’m going to head out tomorrow or the next day on my mountain bike. I have to get in good biking shape for when Matt comes to visit!

Ok, that’s it for now – Happy running!



  1. Your vacation sounds fabulous!

    Enjoy your new home and exploring the trails!

  2. Welcom to CO! You’ll get used to the altitude quickly. RUnning in the snow this winter may be another story, though…:-)

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