Posted by: jawsome | June 28, 2009

Week in recap

Santa Barbara Riviera

I confess that as much as I love running in beautiful weather, it’s tempting to just lounge around reading a novel.

But no, I decided to do an all-comers track meet on Friday night. In spite of my predicted (and predictable) utter failure at the 400 (I didn’t even ask my time, that’s how bad it was), I still had fun. It was cool to be out there in an all ages crowd. My performance did remind me that no, I am not 17 anymore and maybe I had better just focus back on my distance work. I’m still trying to figure out what my best distance is.

I have declared this the summer of the 5k, and lucky for me there are a positive plethora of 5k’s out there. To that end, today was strength training a la Mr. B.B. followed up by some boring intervals. Tomorrow I’m taking on More Mesa for a 6 or so mile tempo run. Yippee. Two more Nite Moves, do I have it in me to PR in both???

Happy Running!



  1. Glad you had some fun at the event. I imagine 400 would be a freakin hard distance to race.

    Ooooh, how cool would that be to PR at every single Nite Moves?! I bet you can!

  2. I can’t imagine showing up to an open track meet – you’ve got some courage, girl! Slow or not, that’s still something!

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