Posted by: jawsome | June 15, 2009


If only it was that easy...

If only it was that easy...

I have lots of exercise-related activities to report for last week.  I successfully ran 3+ miles on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Wednesday was Nite Moves, and although I beat my best time by 5 seconds, I felt like crap the whole time and almost dropped out. Weird how sometimes that happens. Friday was more awesome because I did 400’s for two of the miles (and by more awesome, I mean even more nauseating).

Saturday Matt had a bike race up at Chamberlain ranch in Los Olivos, and you know I can’t resist a good cowpie run. Seriously, it’s this big cattle ranch where the mtb course goes all through the fields. I went for an 11.5 mile run, and reaffirmed my previous belief that cows are the stupidest domesticated animals humans raise (although I hear sheep are even dumber). A common occurrence on my run: I’m running along, and come across a large group of cows. I’m not a quiet runner, so I think that when they ignore me it’s because they’re used to people and could care less. So wrong. Right as I get close enough to touch one particularly stolid bovine, she spots me and lets out a huge moo of alarm. “OMG! Where did you come from! Run away!” And they all start lumbering off. Clearly domestication has done little for bovine prey instincts. Had I the desire, Bessie could have been made into tender short ribs before she even noticed me. Anyway, the run was good (a little long for my lack of training, but I survived).

seriously stupid

seriously stupid

On Sunday, Matt and I decided to get our hike on. We drove down to the Matilija wilderness outside of Ojai, and set out for a nice long hike in the Vibrams. Japhy was excited to be invited along – he’s getting too old to run with me anymore, and most hikes include too much elevation gain for him. So we picked a nice gradual river valley hike and headed out. I’ve been working on toughening up my feet with the Vibrams, and Matt was out for his first long distance attempt in them. Unfortunately, the Matilija’s footing was not very forgiving on the Vibrams, and we had fairly sore tootsies by the time we finished our 8 miles. I’m hoping it’s just an issue of toughening up – after all the natives did all this barefoot quite often!

view of the matilija

view of the matilija

And now, I am taking a recovery day. I’ve been doing well with my eating, and feel pretty good because of it. I’m tired and sore from a full weekend, but what a great way to spend one of my last weekends in SB.



  1. That sounds like a great weekend!

    LOL – stooopid cow(s).

  2. Sounds like you got in some good work outs! 8 miles in the vibrams is very impressive!!

  3. omfg, lol about the cows!!

    And I am so seriously ready to buy some vibrams, it’s ridiculous. I just read Born to Run and I can’t get the natural-born runner vibe out of my head (vibrams included). Guess I’ll have to pony up the cash…

    Nice week of workouts.

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