Posted by: jawsome | June 3, 2009

On PR’s

One of the best things about being new to distance is the frequent PR’s. Obviously if you’ve only done one 10k that’s your best time EVER! (Woooo!). Now that I’ve done several 5k’s though, I think I’m entering the territory of  ‘it’s getting harder and harder to PR.’ Especially with Nite Moves being once a week – I mean how much faster can I really get in one week? Maybe a little…maybe not.

So I’m a little nervous about the race tonight. I know it’s a ‘fun run’, but I’m still bracing myself for a ‘no PR’ day. Is that too pessimistic? Hrm…



  1. Nah, I think you have to be realistic that every race can’t be a PR – especially one every week, sheesh!

    And if you do PR, then it’s so much fun as a surprise (I did this on my last 10k – was totally prepared to for ITB failure at the race, and ended up with a PR!)

  2. I’ve had to come to the realization this year that I won’t continue PRing at every race. And that’s okay!

    how was the race?

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