Posted by: jawsome | May 20, 2009


My level of stress is apparently inversely related to my ability to write blog posts. Don’t worry, I won’t try to out-busy you.

So, a quick re-cap – ran 3 days last week in post-half recovery. Meant to run for, with a Try Something New Tuesday run “Michigan” over the weekend (oh Runner’s World, you always find devious ways to make me suffer) but I drank too much had too much fun over the weekend to really complete that run with anything resembling a good effort. Ended up with 12 miles for the week. Meh.

I felt the need to get back into gear for this week, so decided to do a 6 miler on Monday. Last week was apparently “ride your bike to work week” so I dubbed this week “run to work week.” I’m sure my colleagues are thrilled. I live about 3.7 miles from the UCSB campus, which is gorgeously located on the beach although I never leave my dungeon office so I never really see it. This was a good chance for me to get a good look and remind myself why I’m so lucky to live here. I’m sure I’ll love Colorado too when I move in 2 months, but still.

No wonder the students don't get any work done...

No wonder the students don't get any work done...

Luckily, I didn’t have anything to do Monday morning that required office attire. I ran to work, putzed around and did some busy work for an hour, and ran home. Yes, graduate school occasionally sucks my will to live – but I will miss having a flexible schedule! Came home, took a shower and got some work done at home before heading back to the office to work (in professional attire) in the evening.  Total mileage ended up being around 7.4 miles.

For today, I have an easy 6 miler planned. That will bring me up to 13 miles for the week, already beating last week’s lame total. Then, this weekend I will attempt the Michigan…wish me luck!

My goal is to run at least 20 miles per week. Until I find a new race (which I really, really need to do!)



  1. Gorgeous campus! And great job with all the running. Good luck with “Michigan”

  2. whats “the Michigan”?? I’m so curious. There’s a race in Traverse City, MI that I’ve looked at running (it’s this weekend). I’ve been there before in the summer and Know the race would be GORGEOUS. But, such a trip to get there! gahhh.

    I love that you “ran” to work; really wish I could say I did that but traveling via Interstate really doesn’t lend itself to the Green approach. haha.

    hope the 6 miler went well! 🙂

  3. Must investigate the Michigan…wow, SB is beeyooteeful!

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