Posted by: jawsome | May 1, 2009

Garmie is wounded!

Yesterday I experienced workout success followed by technological failure. Matt and I had planned on  running after he got off work (yay! Matt’s peak race is over and he can crosstrain with me!). Matt had some technological difficulties with his bike on the way home though, so I wasn’t sure we’d get the run in. Suprisingly, I actually felt the desire to do some crosstraining myself. I turned to my old stand-by, Tae-Bo’s own Billy Blanks.

This is how to be both completely ridiculous and totally fabulous at the same time

This is how to be both completely ridiculous and totally fabulous at the same time

I did 35 minutes of extreme Tae-Bo (ow! My delts!) when Matt said he had time for a run after all. We ran 3.5 miles, and I love running with him when he’s out of training shape (sorry hon). Of course, it will probably take him 2 weeks to build back up and completely annihilate my 9 months of hard training. Sigh. But, when we got back from the run, we couldn’t sync the garmie. Oh Garmie! What’s wrong!? I found out that when I dropped it a few weeks ago (sorry Garmie! I didn’t mean it! I thought you were in a different bag!) I dented the area around one of the side buttons. The 4o5 is rife with problems anyway (just read any review about it) but it’s my first Garmie, and you know how people are about their first. Anyway, the little button is now sticking in its hole, and I have to pry it out with my fingernails to use it (otherwise my Garmie is perpetually trying to lock and unlock the Bezel). I’m thinking of sending it in for repairs (unfortunately, carelessly dropping your $400 piece of equipment is not under warranty…) but I’d be willing to pay to fix it. I don’t want to get a new one because of the cost, plus I’m waiting until they fix the bugs in the 405. Sorry Garmie! I hope you feel better soon!

Idyllwild this weekend – probably an 8 miler (at altitude!) to make up for the short runs I did this week. I want to be rested for my race, but not have my legs be heavy and lazy.

Happy running!



  1. Billy Blanks IS fabulous and ridiculous. And I am 312% sure his cleavage is bigger than mine will ever be! Boy is he shiny…sorry to hear about Garmie! I am petrified of dropping mine and wounding him.

  2. Hey,

    Good job on the running. I started running a few years ago too and it’s pretty addictive. I am 29 years old from Nova Scotia. I would like to do more 1/2 marathons but not into the full marathons. They are too long and boring for me.
    Recently started playing paintball and what a good workout that is too.

    Well good luck. I was just looking for funny pics of Billy Blanks to send the secretary here at work and stumbled on this page and read it. Thats why i responded haha.


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