Posted by: jawsome | April 30, 2009

Recovery run and semi-tapering

Ran a fast 3.4 this afternoon. Almost didn’t make it out the door, due to a poorly timed wineover (note to self: excessive wine is not good for training). After my 13 miles on Sunday, I felt really good actually. Monday I was a little tired, but not sore at all. Still, I took Monday and Tuesday off, and just did a short, fast run today.

I’ve been thinking about tapering for the half, but I’m not really sure how to best go about it. I’ve been so conservative in my training, only running 3 days a week with lots of stretching and rolling. I want running to be a part of the rest of my life, so I want to make sure I take care of myself. Because I have so many rest days already built in, I’m not sure how much of a taper I really need. My plan is to keep my runs around 4-6 miles and just run them fast. I might do a “long” run of 7 or 8 miles this weekend.

I can’t wait for next weekend. My birthday is Thursday (opening night of Star Trek [WOO!], yes I am a HUGE dork). Friday my family is all in town and I have the expo, and Saturday is the race! Sunday I have a nice day planned with mom, so all in all an excellent weekend.

Happy running!



  1. i am super stoked about star trek and everyone is making fun of me. it looks awesome!

    if you decide to taper maybe incorporate slower runs the week and a half before the race as your taper instead of fewer days?

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