Posted by: jawsome | April 22, 2009

Tuesday 10k

Took the Vibrams out for a quick 10k this evening. We’ve been having lovely weather, and I convinced myself that my grumpy mood would be improved by a running respite. As always, running imrpoved things dramatically. I had a great run, and am even more convinced that Vibrams plus gu = win. Not sure what my exact time was, but it was something under an hour.

Tomorrow is (dum da dum dum) data collection day #1 for my dissertation (eeeeep!) so no run. Probably lots of self-medicating. This weekend I’m doing a trial run of the 1/2 marathon course (coming up!!) so I’m trying to be good about getting my runs in.

Happy running!



  1. I love how a good run and working up a sweat can turn my mood around. Good luck with your dissertation/self-medication!

  2. Oh, the run this weekend sounds fun, even if the dissertation doesn’t.
    Happy Wednesday!

  3. love runs that improve the mood! good luck with the dissertation!

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