Posted by: jawsome | April 16, 2009

TiaRT Blogging and Running!

Previously to my becoming a runner (wheeee! I called myself a runner!) I didn’t get blogging at all. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve kept a journal since I was a pre-teen (oh the angst!). I just didn’t get what normal adults could have to talk about at such length that others would care about reading.

Enter the decision to become a runner. You can read all about my initial reasons for running here, but I blame Matt for introducing me to bloggyland. He would sit at his computer and chuckle about what others were doing in the mountain biking scene, and suggested I look up some running blogs. This was a challenge at first, because so many of you are much faster than me. For a beginning runner, mile split times like those from Steve in a Speedo’s recent workout were really intimidating (you go, Steve!). “They’ll virtual laugh at me!” I thought. Luckily, I “met” some super supportive and awesome blogger/runners early on who have been great at reminding me that I’m only competing with myself.

I love blogging because (let’s face it) I love talking about myself (who doesn’t?)  🙂 I am so excited about running that it’s great to be able to share that excitement with like-minded folks. I can’t go into work and say, “wohoo!!! I’m awesome! I just ran 12 miles!”  They would probably 5150 me (I’m a therapist so I’m allowed to use that as a verb). But in bloggyland, I get positive feedback and awesome encouragement. Thank you all – you have helped me stick with it when my hip hurts, when my knee hurts, or when I’m drowning in a self-pity induced gallon of ice cream. Even if I never run 6 minute miles, I know that I will always be accepted here.

You rock, blogosphere.



  1. Not to worry, there are Plentyyy of us who will never run 6 minute miles!!! 🙂 I wasn’t so into the ‘blogging’ thing for a while either. I thought they were ALL super personal and kinda weird, but ummm….clearly that’s not the case. haha. glad you joined in!

  2. Hooray for running and blogging! I’m with you on everyone roses speed being scary – I dont think I can run as fast as Steve even if I strap little rockets on my shoes.

  3. Glad you joined the crowd and let’s hear it for the “short bus” runners! In my dreams I am a 6:00 miler….in reality, I may never-ever-ever be.

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