Posted by: jawsome | April 16, 2009


I did make it out yesterday for a 3 mile run. And by “out”, I mean I poked my head out the door into the windstorm we were having and headed for the treadmill instead. I decided that since I was only going 3 miles, the dreadmill wouldn’t be too bad. Plus, I’m going to have to get used to it when I move to Colorado…

I wanted to keep things interesting, so I started at 10 minute/mile pace and then gradually increased the pace every 1/2 mile, then 1/4 mile, then 1/8 mile until I finished going 8 minute/mile pace. It was actually kind of fun, and I did 3.1 miles in 27 minutes (a PR for me, and on a treadmill no less!) I don’t usually run short distances, so it’s nice that I keep getting faster and my times improve when I do. I’m looking forward to running a nice, flat 5k some time after the 1/2 marathon to really see what I can do.

After the 3.1, I “wogged” to the park with Japhy. It was too cold and windy to just walk, so I wogged. Good times. I bet I looked geriatric.

Today I jumped out of bed and into running gear because I am SO BUSY (umm…yeah.  But not too busy to post on my blog…) I was worried I wouldn’t get a run in otherwise. I did 6 miles up on the mesa. I was expecting it to be painful, and it was. Self-fulfilling prophesy? Perhaps. But my legs were a little tired from the night before. They said, “what the heck, Joselyne, less than 24 hours rest between runs? We refuse to cooperate!” Anyway, it was ugly and I was REALLY tempted to cut it short at 3 miles, but I got it done. Now I have to squeeze 5 hours of work into 3 hours, clean the house, and pack for my long weekend in Monteray. Why am I still even talking to you people?!



  1. Great job on fitting your runs in!

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