Posted by: jawsome | April 9, 2009

Intervals of DEATH

Today was dum da dum dum interval day! On the docket was 3 miles, 6 x 2:00 at 80%, 3 miles. I was feeling really good, and decided to try the Vibrams out. The first three miles were wonderful. It was one of those great runs where you’re fast and having a great time. It was pretty windy up on the mesa, which added an element of adrenaline as I ran near the cliffs. At one point I was running with my hands in the hip high grass on either side of me – really connecting with my inner child!  It sounds cheesy, but I really think running with the Vibrams has become more like frolicking. Here’s the breakdown:

Mile 1: 8:53

Mile 2: 9:13

Mile 3: 10:00

Then came the intevals. I was excited but also nervous. There were a lot of people on the mesa today, and it’s not possible to find a truly flat surface. The first one I started out waaaay too fast. After that I began to figure it out – but I was running back and forth on a slope, so every other interval is slightly slower (as I go uphill). I was happy with my performance, but I think I could have pushed the intervals a little harder. I was hesitant to do that though, because I had run the 1st three miles so quickly (for me).

Ultimately, holding back on the intervals was a good choice. I did the final three miles well, averaging 9:45 pace. I found a couple people running in front of me to motivate myself, and that helped.

Total distance: 8 miles

Total time: 1:07 (ha ha ha yeah right. That’s not including all the 15 second breaks between intervals and 3 minute breaks before and after intervals…but it says it on the Garmin!)  🙂

Overall, it was a great run. Unfortunately, I think I overdid it a little and now I am REALLY SORE! I forget how much more the Vibrams make my calves work, and let me tell you – they are WORKED. So, I rolled, iced, elevated and compressed them. I also took ibuprofin, so hopefully all will be well!

Happy Running!



  1. You are getting SO MUCH FASTER!!

  2. Good for you! You should totally join that Running Club–intervals with others is waaaaay more enjoyable. And you are getting me closer and closer to buying some vibrams…I read about them last year in an article about chi running and the Raramuros (I think?) the extreme runners in Mexico. Now I am really wanting to try them out…

  3. three More miles after sprints??? thats impressive! and definitely sounds like a Good workout 🙂

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