Posted by: jawsome | April 7, 2009

Six mile happy run

I didn’t get quite enough miles in last week, so I wanted to be sure to get in my scheduled six yesterday (in spite of driving up from SD for 5 hours and having heavy legs from 2 days off). I decided to go Garmin-less and just bring the iPod. I’m trying to figure out which combination of technological gadgets works best for which workout. I like running without the iPod when I’m working on form (which I need, believe me!) but sometimes I need a little music to keep me going. Same with the Garmin – sometimes I like running without the added pressure (although I don’t know why I’m so worried, I know I’m slow so I probably just need to accept that!). Anyway, I didn’t have the Garmin on my run. I know from past runs that there is a perfect 10k course around the mesa.

I started running, and was feeling really good. I chose to wait until evening to do the run, to avoid the blistering 75 degree heat of the day (and for all you people in FL and AZ, I don’t know how you do it!). It was probably 65 or so with a nice breeze. After last week’s 11 miler, I opted to bring my water bottle with me. I’ve been debating about bringing it on the 1/2 marathon so I can drink whenever I want to. I think this run sold me on that idea. I walked at 2 mile intervals for 15 seconds (like walking through an aid station), but ended up taking sips of water every 8 minutes or so. I found that this really helped my hydration, and prevented that panicky feeling of dry-mouth I get on hot runs.

I felt like I was doing well on this run – I was working hard, but not too out of breath (except on the one mini-beast hill, which I ran up and over both times – woot!). I felt I might have even kicked my last 10k time into the dust. But bummer! I didn’t have my Garmin. No problem, it turns out. I had my iPod, and I just went back and looked at how far into my playlist I got. Turns out I ran my 10k in 59 minutes! That’s a 2 minute PR from my last 10k race. Granted, that race had a MONSTER hill in it (4 or 5 times the length of my mini-beast). But still – I was happy with that.

My name is Joselyne, and I am happy being a slow runner!



  1. wow, PR on a daily run!! aaaawesome. I love having a goood run on a perfect (I think 65 is Perfect!!) evening. I’m with you on the garmin – sometimes I don’t like having it because it can take away from enjoying things, but then I’m like ‘..hmm…how did I do??!” ha, no middle ground.

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