Posted by: jawsome | April 7, 2009

Oh yeah, and I’m a dork too…

So Matt and I decided to stop at a running store in Ventura on our way home yesterday. I had promised to get him some Vibrams, and he was going to get me some compression tights (birthdays come early, wheeee!). Of course it’s almost impossible to enter an athletic store and leave with only what you intended to purchase. I also picked up a new tech shirt, some gu’s, and some sports beans. Matt grabbed a new roller, some nuun, and later BOUGHT A RIDICULOUS NEW ROAD BIKE. So to say we outspent ourselves is putting it lightly!

Anyway, I’m standing at the register and it turns out the guy is the head coach for the Ventura running club. He’s talking to me about the Vibrams (more like I’m waxing eloquent about how much I love them). Matt is in the background talking bike with their bike tech guy and mentioned he got third in Cat 1 at Sage Brush. The running coach sizes me up (thinking, I suppose, that I must be in Matt’s league to be dating him!) and asked me what my long run is. All of a sudden my stance shifts, I can feel my chest expanding, and I nonchalantly look down like it’s not big deal and say, “hmm? Oh, umm, I did 11 miles on Friday…” Like I have to think about it to remember how far I ran…

And then he says, “hey, you should be on our running team!”  Buahahahahahahahaha!

I know it’s just a training team and not for Olympic athletes or anything, but the thought of being a team runner has always seemed like something out of my reach. I wanted to lean over and say, “well, you know, my Garmin still thinking I’m only a jogger…” At least the running has paid off enough that I look like I might be able to run faster than I really can!  Sure, I run 6 minute miles – no problem! Ha!

Yes, I am a dork.



  1. You should try out the running club…I have hooked up with them in a couple of different places I’ve lived and found them to be so beneficial. And I don’t run no 6 minunte miles, neither! I bet you’ll find runners of every ability there…and the comraderie of other like-minded running dorks in nice. 🙂

  2. That’s cool! Cross training on the road bike? I like to do that, too!

    I’m even considering taking up some trail running this fall/winter 🙂

    allison (Justin’s wife)

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