Posted by: jawsome | April 6, 2009


My plan this week was to hit 27 miles. I didn’t quite accomplish that – ended up with 24 or so. I did another 11 mile run on Friday, which was tough. This time I planned ahead and brought extra water, which was a good plan. My runs always end up being in the middle of the day, which is of course the hottest and sunniest time. It was 75+ during my run, and my pace showed it. I did the whole 11 miles trying to stop every two miles to simulate the half marathon water stations. It didn’t really work considering the heat – I should have carried a water bottle with me instead of leaving it at the 2 mile mark of my figure 8 loop. I did the 11 miles in 2:05, which is pretty slow – but I wasn’t running race pace and it was pretty warm so I’m trying not to beat myself up too badly.

Matt and I went down to San Diego this weekend for a bike race (Matt got 3rd place – yeah!). So not a lot of running action, but plenty of walking around. The half marathon is coming up, and the next two training weeks will be the most brutal. Feels good though!

Happy running!



  1. Good job on getting close to your weekly goal; some days those long runs just need to be run slow…but the important thing is that you did it. Right now I’m in the toughtest training weeks before my 1/2 in May, so I know how it feels. Keep it up!

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