Posted by: jawsome | April 2, 2009

TiaRT – Running Shoes

Readers of my blog (I heart you) will know I recently purchased a pair of Vibram Five Finger Sprints.



I absolutely love them! You can read more about how they have changed my running (really!) here. For the bulleted version:

  • They have helped me completely eliminate my ITB pain (from being a hard heel thumper)
  • They are very light, and remind me of running barefoot as a child
  • They are comfortable (and washable!)
  • People love them and ask me about them all the time
  • They have helped me with my ChiRunning immensely
  • Looking at my feet/footprints while running makes me smile

Now for some drawbacks

  • While the Vibrams drastically encourage you to run with good form (without it, you will have bruises on your feet!) it is possible to ignore this and pound away. This will not make your feet happy. Focusing on picking up your feet and running lightly helps
  • You will probably get blisters at first. These are a minimalist running “shoe” so a certain degree of calluses are needed. I’ve found that Body Glide helps with this.
  • You need to work up to them somewhat slowly – I started with 4 miles, and have moved up to 7. Up to this point blisters have made me stop at 7, but they are healing now and I am confident that problem will resolve itself. After all, Barefoot Ted ran the Boston Marathon in them!
  • They can be hard to fit if you have “irregular” feet.

But if you can fit them, they are 100% worth the drawbacks. I absolutely love them! There are a number of different models and colors to choose from – this weekend I’m buying another pair just to tool around town in.



  1. heyy! just found your blog and omg I’ve NEVER seen or heard of these shoes!!! I love doing TIART and this week is gonna be a challenge for me because I’m definitely Still learning a lot in this area. My poor feet.

    This post was great though! I’m not sure those shoes would be good for me, but they just Look like fun to wear!

  2. I’ve been reluctant to take the leap to Vibram. I tried them on once and they felt a little weird. What category shoe do you normally wear (stability, neutral)??

  3. I’ve never seen these either. Wow, that’s odd!
    I’m glad it’s working for you. I have a feeling my feet would fall in the ‘irregular’ category 🙂

  4. Those have to be the strangest shoes I’ve ever seen! Thanks for posting about them — I hadn’t heard of them and am glad to learn something new.

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