Posted by: jawsome | March 30, 2009

I think I’ve found my first marathon

I don’t know if I’ll ever be a marathoner in the sense of doing marathons throughout my life. 13.1 miles is plenty long thankyouverymuch! However, I do recognize that part of me wants to (at least once!) go the distance. I also know that most of the other parts of me are sort of lazy and value comfort. Finally, I know that I will be in Fort Collins Colorado next year at this time. What do all of these things mean? Well…I give you the Colorado Marathon! Just look at this lovely elevation profile! Have you ever seen anything more magical? I want to go run it right now…and I wish my half marathon coming up looked at all like that. Instead, it looks like this. Bummer.

Wine Country Half Marathon Profile

Wine Country Half Marathon Profile

Feeling good after the 11 miles yesterday. Was pretty wiped all afternoon and worried about being sore today, but I’m feeling fine. I should really do some Pilates/yoga here while I’m thinking about it.

I’m supposed to do 6 miles tomorrow, but the bottom of my left foot is feeling cantankerous (not to mention the ginormous blister I have). That run may have to wait for Tuesday but I’ll probably work in a good fast 3 miler instead.

Weekly plan:

Monday: 3 miles

Tuesday:6 miles

Wednesday: Cross train (aerobics)

Thursday: 3m, 2x[2:00, 2:30] 1x[3:00], 3m (brutal)

Friday: Pilates

Saturday: Adventure run (11 miles in San Diego somewhere)

Sunday: Rest and cheer Matt on at Sage Brush Safari

Total: 27+ miles

Happy Running!



  1. The Colorado Marathon is supposed to be a good one, one of the guys I train with is doing it this year. Another nice CO–and it’s actually a half-marathon–is the Georgetown to Idaho Springs half–1000′ downhill. I’ll be trying that one this year.

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