Posted by: jawsome | March 15, 2009

Shameless plug to vote for me!

Ok, it’s time to put you blog readers to work (all two of you!)  A week or so ago I entered a writing contest called “tales of a virgin athlete”. It was supposed to be about funny/embarrassing moments early in your athletic career. Well, the voting poll is now up!

The prizes are a variety of running socks from Drymax, and everyone knows graduate students are poor and probably can’t afford that much in the way of running clothes. Lots of running socks would be great! So, if you’ve enjoyed Jawsome’s blog, or are looking for something to read (there are 10 finalists) head on over to Tales of  a Virgin Athlete and vote (for me) 🙂

Happy Running!



  1. Done and done–I’m glad I found your blog, Joselyne!

  2. Awesome, I voted for you! You’re doing well – you’re currently in second place!

  3. You have a good story! My husband used to make tapes for me when we first dated; now he takes pictures of me running. I live on the Central Coast, too, only further north. But I’ve run on the bike trail in Santa Barbara. Maybe we saw each other on the trail. 🙂

  4. I voted for you. And then found your blog. Good luck! You’ve got a new reader.

  5. Hey! Just dropped by after reading your story on Steve’s blog. I thought it was just great! Good luck. 🙂

    (Love your blog banner, btw!)

  6. I voted for you and am passing the info. along to my friends and fellow teachers. Good luck.

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