Posted by: jawsome | March 12, 2009

Like the wind!

I was intimidated by today’s workout – it was supposed to be 3 miles; 3[2:00, 2:30]; 2 miles. Those are long intervals (for me)! I ran the first three miles with no problem, feeling good that running three miles is “no problem”. Then I hit the treadmill for the intervals. I like doing intervals on the treadmill because I know exactly how fast I’m going, and the treadmill doesn’t let me cheat. 🙂 The iPod came out (sorry ChiRunning, my chi is obviously not strong enough yet to handle sprint intervals solely on the strength of my mind) and I rocked out. Nothing like a little screaming to get the blood pumping. I did all six intervals at 7:30 pace (eeek!) and by the end I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I only did 30 second breaks, which I was proud of.

I then headed out for the final two miles with the Japhinator in the neighborhood. That dog has no ability to walk on a leash, but I was too tired to get upset with him. Here are some pics of where I normally run. Nice, right?


Japhy enjoying the scenery

Japhy enjoying the scenery

In other news, I am starting to get nervous about the half marathon. Only 8 weeks away! I’ve been reading race reports, and it sounds like a tough course, hill wise. I hate hills. boooo. So, I’m heading out this weekend to run the first half of the course. I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to do that, because the first (hilly) half is 6 miles long and I’m only supposed to be doing a 10 mile run this weekend. Hmm. Maybe I’ll just walk the last 2 miles…

Confession: I have not done my crosstraining workouts in 2 weeks 😦 I need to get better about that, so I can have abs of steel (um, I mean, so I can improve my running…)  🙂

I also took my first ice bath this week. Surprisingly nice. My nightmares from High School track were clearly exaggerated by my overwhelming teenage angst.

Ice is nice!

Ice is nice!



  1. Yay! You took an ice bath picture like mine, whee. 🙂

  2. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Holly was my inspiration for this pic!

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